Zerg vs Terran

Zerg vs TerranAre you having trouble beating Terrans? Or maybe you just want some extra tips to dominate Terran opponents. Find some great tips and tricks below  that tell you how you could defeat the seemingly indestructible Terran clan. Become an expert and create your own Zerg Vs Terran Strategies.

To start with use your set of Drones to start building your economy by gathering Minerals and building your base.  Then build a Spawning Pool, next an Expansion, and additional Overlords. Don’t forget to create a Queen and a few Zerglings.  This would be an ideal way in starting your venture as a Zerg.  Try not to get to ahead of yourself though and make sure you follow a good set a build orders.

In order to succeed in the match  you need to scout on the Terran Camp of your opponent to get an overview of what they are trying to build against you.  If your Terran opponent is using Marines, Marauders and Medivacs, then you need to make use of your Infestor and Zergling combination to keep the Marines and Marauders busy.  The Infestor’s fungal growth can deal massive damage to your opponent’s army. You can use a neural Parasite if your Terran enemy is using Thors and Tanks.  If you use this Zerg Vs Terran Strategy tip, you are almost sure of a successful match.

No matter what kind of strategy you plan on using, be always aware of Reaper attacks as these can happen at an early stage. To counter this type of attack, have your Zerglings close to your Drones. This provides you with decent defence considering you’ve just begun building your base and army.
You can attack the Terran using a rush strategy.  If you do use a Zerg Rush Strategy, make use you don’t try and attack the enemies army….go directly for their workers (SCV).  Banelings rush is a useful tactic to demolish the Terran’s wall base allowing you to sneak in Roaches before the enemy had the chance to catch up and rebuild.

In conclusion, there are a lot of Starcraft strategies that you can apply on wars between Zerg Vs Terran. Make sure that if you are playing a Zerg, to always check the strategies of Terrans vs Zergs, as this will be your ultimate guide to counter their strategic attacks.

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