Zerg vs Protoss

Zerg vs ProtossZerg vs Protoss is always a great match up, and if it’s not over within the first 10 minutes, you really have a game on your hands.  With Zerg there are so many different rush strategies to choose from.  For all the best and most proven rush strategies check out Shokz Starcraft 2 guide.

Zerg strength is the sheer number of units, and how quickly they can build and overrun from early in the game.  With the speed they can produce numbers, Zerg really are the king of early game rush strategies.

It is the fear of every SC2 player to get swarmed by countless numbers of Zerglings, and when that happens, it is so frustrating.

If you are looking for an early win,  rush, rush and rush some more!  Go for Protoss workers that are gathering Minerals, because this will cripple your enemies economy.  Once you have hurt their economy then you can take on their army.

A good player will be able to defend your rush.  So make sure you don’t rush too early and you have followed good Zerg build orders so you don’t affect your own economy.  If you aren’t successful in your early rush you will need Minerals and gas coming in.

One key to dominating Protoss is map control as Zerg can control the map much quicker than Protoss.  If you are not successful with your rush strategy, start controlling the map and limit Protoss movements, and access to more Minerals.

Swarm for the win.

Zergs best ability over Protoss is to swarm.  Swarming is the one tactic that will always help you to win any game.   There are different ways to swarm, but I have found the most effective way is to use a variety of different units, as this creates the most deadly army.

With a swarm you can meet the opponent on the field, or flank around their base and attack.  This is where deceiving comes into place where you attack in one area with a small army, then spearhead a different area with a large swarm.

While you are crushing their base they will feel hopeless and frustrated, and they will often just give up.

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