Zerg Build Order

The biggest key to any good Zerg strategy in SC 2 is getting the start right.  If you get a good start you can get a strong early Zerg Rush, or be able to go for high Minerals to create a strong attach mid game.
Set out at the start of the game to get 10 Drones ready.  Once they are ready you need to build an Overlord.

Once the Overlord is done you should get another 3 Drones, and wait until you have 200 Minerals.
Now you have 200 Minerals you can make a Spawning Pool.  While the Spawning Pool is being created, you need to get an Extractor up and running with 3 Drones on it.  Now continue Spawning Drones until the Extractor is completed.

Once that’s complete, you then need to get a Queen out as quickly as you can, along with Zerglings and Drones. I also strongly suggest you to upgrade your Spawning Pool with the Speed Buff when you have 100 in gas.

Now just in case your enemies decide to attack early, Banelings will help to protect your base. Setup some Baneling nests to stop an early rush on you.

What to do next?

Now you have a solid start it’s time to expand and start scouting or set up a Zerg Rush.
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