Zerg Rush

A good Zerg rush isn’t as easy as you think.  It’s a tricky strategy to pull off but when done correctly it can be devastating.  That being said, if it’s done incorrectly, or if you are playing a good player, the strategy can be just as disastrous.

The main objective in a Zerg rush is to head straight for your enemies workers and damage their economy, rather than taking on his army.  This is where most people go wrong with their rush strategy.   Don’t worry, you will be able to focus on your opponents army at a later stage when you have stronger units.

Most players also try and rush too early in the game, allowing experienced players to defend your rush without any problems.  Make sure you follow a good set of build orders because if you build a spawning pool too early, and neglecting Drones, your economy will definitely suffer later in the game.

Alternatively you can mount a late Zerg Rush, which can be extremely effective. To mount a late rush you need a strong team of Drones, around 25.  Once you have around 25 Drones, start churning out Zerglings, and build a Baneling nest. When you have around 20 Zerglings, cripple your opponent’s workers by going directly for them.   While your opponent is repairing their economy, set to train a Roach-Hydralisk army and crush them!!

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