Zealot Rush

If you are looking forProtoss a quick win or you are keen to harass your opponent a little then the Zealot Rush is a great Starcraft 2 strategy.  This is the most effective Protoss rush strategy and will really annoy and frustrate the person you are playing.

The standard build order for this strategy is to build Probes until you have 8 (in total) then build a Pylon.  Keep building a few more Probes, 2 or 3 and then build start build your first Gateway.  Once you have enough minerals build another Gateway.

Start producing Zealots and send them into your opponents  base. Your attack should only focus on your enemy’s workers, as this strategy is only designed to slow your opponent down.  You might get a lucky win if you are playing a lesser player, but typically this it’s not designed as a fatal strategy.

While you are sending Zealots in you need to make sure you keep building your own base and Probes to keep your own economy growing.  Don’t forget to harvest gas, build Pylons and tech up.

If you haven’t been counter attacked, keep going with the rush and build a third gateway and you should be able to finish the job.

If you’re trying this for the first time then practice it in a sparring match rather than a ladder game.

If you are countered, then set up some defense, and start to expand.

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