Tweaking Terran Build Orders

In Starcraft 2, Terran Build orders are not set in stone.  You can adjust and tweak this build order to suit your style of play or the map you are playing on.

For example on small maps you can get rushed early, so you would want to setup defence or start building for your own rush.

In other games you will be able to put off getting units until much later in the game.  This will be better for your economy, and setting how you are going to play the game.  If you are on a larger map you are less likely to get an early rush.

Scouting will help you decide on how much you tweak your Terran build order.  Without scouting you don’t know if your enemy is just slow or building for a crushing late play rush.

Try shokz SC2 guide for a great scouting guide.

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