Choosing Your Race

Choosing your race is the first thing you have to do before a match.  Your choice should be precisely based on the kind of gameplay method you feel is more suitable for you as well as the basics of the game in multiplayer mode.  There are three (3) races in starcraft 2 that you can choose from:

Zergs – this race is the most popular and they are always present in large numbers.  Thus, they can easily initiate a massive attack with a deadly force successfully.  One of the most popular strategies in SC 2 is called “Zerg Rush”.  You mass produce an army of Zergs and attack your enemy with the force so huge to ensure victory.  The Zerg race has an unquenchable thirst for expansion and domination.  If rapid expansion is your thing, then you can join the Zerg race.

Protoss – this race is also powerful.  This race use the Protoss carrier which allows them to enter the combat with high voltage current and explosive radiance. Their mothership also allows them to trick their enemy and attack them.  They usually have a small army as it takes time for them to build a unit, but each one is really powerful.  This is the ideal race if you want massive, powerful and expensive units to crush your enemy.

Terrans – This race is a combination of both the Zergs and the Protoss.  They are quick, smart and more advanced than the other races.  They have abilities like radars and scanners to locate enemies. With a high-tech and extraordinary arsenal at their disposal, the opponents would be clueless as to what strategy the terrans are going to pull off during invasion.

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