The Basics

Starcraft 2 is essentially about management of resources, primarily the minerals.  The mineral is the main currency of Starcraft.  The primary objective of the game is to acquire as many minerals as possible by dominating more areas in the map.  The more you dominate territories, the greater your economy will become, and the more you can buy units and arsenals to beat your enemy.  Your economic decision will greatly impact your failure or success in the game.  Here are some tips on how you can efficiently manage your resources:

  • You need your workers (SCV, Probes or Drones) to always be continuously collecting minerals. Ideally, you should have 2 workers per mineral node and 3 for your gas nodes for every harvesting unit you collect from. You should gather as much workers as you can before mid-game.
  • You have to start building refineries on top of the geysers to collect gas.
  • Your resource nodes should always be stashed with your worker units.
  • Avoid floating resources.  Utilize available resources immediately to your advantage – start upgrades, supply depots, barracks, etc.  Convert and expand right away!
  • Monitor your unit count. To increase your limit for creating units, you have to start building depots/overlords or pylons when you are 1 unit away from reaching your limit.
  • Scout on your enemy.  Along with building supplies, you should also set your workers to scout the territory of the enemy.  Scouting on your enemy early on the game will give you ideas on what your opponents are trying to achieve, and most importantly how you are going to strategically outsmart them.
  • Macro-Managing.  This means you need to be able to effectively manage all your resources, your unit buildings, and have control over your strategy plans as well as that of your opponent.  It is important to always make the correct decision about the overall strategies of winning.
  • Micro-Managing.  This is equally important as Macro and it is ideal to master both.  Micro involves controlling individual units in the battlefield to gain advantage over the opponent’s unit.

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