Terran vs Zerg

Starcraft 2 Terran vs. Zerg Strategy

In Starcraft 2, Terran vs. Zerg is one of the most fun and most dynamic matchups. It can also be one of the most frustrating. The Zerg race is so fast and mobile that they can easily exploit the immobility of large Terran mech armies, and counterattack when you least expect it.

The really important aspect you need to understand is what Zerg players are going to do – which is usually one of these three things:

  • They will attempt the Zergling rush.
  • Or a massive Zergling attack.
  • Or a massive Hydralisk attack.

Terrans can handle those types of attacks quite easily. So long as you use the right build orders, and follow a few basic guides, you will be able to hold off any Zerg players.

Early Game Starcraft 2 Terran vs. Zerg Strategy

It’s absolutely essential that you scout your Zerg opponent early; you can learn some valuable information depending on what they’re building. Most Zerg players will put down an expansion very early, and if they don’t, then odds are they are going for some kind of one base Baneling or Mutalisk play.

Make use of Bunkers for both offense and defence. After you win a battle, move outside the enemy town and build Bunkers. Then Bunker your way back into your town. If you are placed on the defensive, simply build a few Bunkers, and then place groups of SCVs by them to repair them while they are being attacked.

When your Zerg opponent expands early, most of the time you should just follow suit and do the same. You know that he won’t have any real big offensive force out anytime soon, so you can get away with it. For a very fast expansion put down 1 Barracks and then immediately make your Command Center. Use both these buildings to wall off your main ramp to hold off Zerglings, and next move out when you have several Marines and make a couple Bunkers to hold off any pressure.

Mid Game Terran vs Zerg Strategy

As you transition into the mid game in a Terran vs. Zerg matchup there’s a few unit compositions that they’ll throw at you. Roaches and Hydralisks are a very dangerous combination. The Roaches will get in close and soak up a ton of damage while the Hydralisks hang out behind them and deal out most of the damage. If you’re using an MMM army, Stim Pack your army and kite the Roaches.  Hydralisks are slow so they’ll have to retreat or let their Roaches die.

When playing against the Zerg it’s important to set up your buildings in a strategic way to channel any attacks through choke points. In the event you get counter-attacked by speed Zerglings or burrowed Infestors, you want to make it as hard as possible for them to get into your base. Instead of building your Supply Depots out of the way, use them to wall off parts of your base and burrow them when you need to move out.

Tip: Your army should be composed of a mix of units, and always keep a few SCV’s with your attacking troops to fix anything you might need.  Also be sure to keep any eye on your resources and keep defending deposits.  You will need these later in the game.

Don’t forget upgrades!

Late Game Terran vs. Zerg Strategies

If you’re Terran vs. Zerg game progresses into the late game, you’re going to start seeing Ultralisks or Brood Lords. Very rarely will any player be able to get both with any effectiveness.

To fight off Brood Lords, you’re going to need Vikings. No other unit that Terran has is good at taking them out. Most Brood Lords will also have an escort of Corruptors which are pretty efficient at taking out Vikings. Keep them at max range as best you can to get the most out of your Vikings. Since you will need quite a few, it can be a good idea to build a couple Starports, and if you have time, add Reactors to them. Alternatively you can lift your Starports onto existing Reactors that were on your Barracks or Factories.

No matter which top tier unit that the Zerg opts for, use your Ghosts to snipe them. One Ghost when fully charged can Snipe 8 times, which is 360 damage. Try not to let any of your Ghosts die without using up all their energy on EMP’s or Snipes.

Final Thoughts on the Terran vs. Zerg matchup

This all comes back to basically out-macroing your opponent. Expanding early and often, and keeping up unit production is the only way you win against Zerg. Use the Terran vs. Zerg strategies mentioned in this article to keep him on his toes.

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