Terran vs Terran

Terran vs TerranTerran vs Terran is a really tough match up, as you both have the same units and weapons.  Below are some excellent pointers to really help you out think your opponent.  However, if you really want to learn how to dominate a Terran vs Terran matchup, check out the pro strategy guide Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide.

Terran vs Terran Strategies

After following a good Terran build Order and getting your first Barracks setup, get an SCV to start building you a Factory.  You want to get a lot of Marines out and ready to fend off Terran attacks, plus you might want to try and attack your enemies economy.

Tip: If you are thinking about going for an early attack, rather than taking on their Army – head for your opponents SCV’s instead.   The best strategy though is to hurt their economy.

I also highly recommend setting up 2 Bunkers early on.  One near your SCV’s and one near the entrance of your Base.  Upgrade your Factory with a Tech Lab add-on so you areable to siege your Tanks up.  Get some Scouts out to keep an eye on other resources, and your enemies.
Build a Starport and attach a Fusion Reactor to get some Vikings out, and then build a second factory with a Factory Reactor.

What next?

You can now start a full on attack or expand.  If you are playing a very experienced player, they will typically be trying to take you out quickly – so if you want to expand go for a strong defence.  Make sure you are micro managing well if you are going to attack, and don’t neglect your economy.

The MMM Strategy

Marine, Marauders and Medivacs Strategy always depends on the speed of the game.  This strategy always works if you are quicker than your opponent, but watch out they don’t pull it on you if you’re slightly slower.

When you go for your first attack make sure you leave some defence in your base, as it’s very likely there will be a counter attack.  Make sure you protect your SCV’s if you feel you are getting counter attacked, as they are the most important.

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