Terran vs Protoss

SC2 Terran vs Protoss Strategy Starting Tips

Terran can be very weak at the start of the game, so when going up against Protoss you have to watch out for an early rush.  So keep this in mind when starting out and planning your base.

Early Terran Strategy

Early in the game I strongly suggest you follow a good set of Terran build orders, as this sets you up in the strongest way.  Next you need to set up a wall with your Barracks and Supply Depots, to guard both your workers and base entrance.  As you start creating Marines, make sure you also create 2 Bunkers.

The first one near your SCV’s and the second one set back from the entrance of your base. Also add a few towers and your early defence should be pretty strong.

With Terran the best early game strategy is a strong defence, however I also suggest a few scouts about just to keep an eye on what is happening.  Now don’t forget – you can hide under trees, and around rocks.

Try and get Firebats out quickly as due to their splash type of attack, there are a great attack on Protoss.

Midgame Terran Strategy

If you want to continue with defence, build some Siege Tanks, and siege them around Missile Towers.  Now you have built a solid defence setup, so start working on Vultures.  These are very quick and outrun most other Starcraft 2 units.  Make sure you have set up your micro managing as it’s a quick way to control your units.

Try and use Vultures in a hit and run tactic, but be careful you don’t allow yourself to get swarmed.

Wraiths can be used against Protoss in an air attack; however don’t forget that Wraiths are very weak at attacking ground units.

Late game Strategy

If you get to this point you definitely have a game on your hands.  You need to make sure you have a healthy supply of Minerals and are defending these well.  The best late game strategy for Terran vs Protoss are Battle Cruisers as they are very strong, but not very quick.  Get yourself a few Starports setup and get 6 Battle Cruisers, along with a few Wraiths.
Don’t forget you can fix your damaged Battle Cruisers to save having to build new ones.
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