Terran Vs Protoss Tips

Are you getting demolished and annihilated by the Protoss?

Here’s some helpful tips and units to avoid when you are in this match up.

When playing as Terran DO NOT try to overrun or overpower Protoss:   You will not stand much of a chance as their advanced weapons and defenses will slice you in half any day.

The Zealot is the main Protoss unit, they’re Zergling, but just one has more HP than a Siege Tank and one on  one a zealot has the strength to beat a Goliath everytime.

Their shields are a bit tricky too. They can be annoying, especially when you are just about through and the unit retreats to a Shield Battery.

But all that can be avoided by using SCIENCE VESSELS! Their Irradiate ability will beat a Zealot anytime. plus their EMP Shockwave ability wipes out any Protoss unit’s or building’s shield completely!!!

Thanks to ~DMC~D’Amico Thunder for these tips and tricks.

For more Tips and tricks check out shokz SC2 Guide.


  1. eric D'Amico Thunder
    10 Feb 2011, 3:03 pm

    as another tip from dmc damico thunder, firebats are effective against zealots but weak against all the others so use them sparingly. stick with wraiths and ghosts (cloak) science vesels and groups of roving goliaths

  2. Titia
    22 Jun 2011, 10:58 am

    Heck of a job there, it asbolultey helps me out.

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