Terran Reaper Rush Strategy

Terran Reaper rush is a very effective early Stracraft 2 strategy when playing as Terran.  It’s an easy way to steal a win, or damage your opponent’s economy. It works the best when used early on Zerg and Protoss and is one of the best mineral harassments you will find.

As I have said in other blog posts your economy is the back bone to Starcraft 2, so if you are going for an early rush, focus on damaging your enemy’s economy.  How often have you become annoyed when someone strolls into your base and wipes out all of your workers?  Now it’s time to get yours back!!

If you follow our build order you hopefully won’t have scarified your economy so that you cannot continue in the game if your rush isn’t successful.  To do this right you want to get in quick and get out quick and only focus on their workers.

So here goes.  A usual build order suggests you build your supply depot at 10/11 supply, but because you want to get a reaper out quickly, start saving for a Barracks.  Build your Terran Barracks at 9/11 and build a refinery. Get 3 SCV’s gathering gas once it’s complete.  Now go ahead and build your 10th SCV, but hold off on building number 11.  If you are playing a 4 player map then send out a scout around this point in the game.

Once your Barracks is complete and have enough gas, add a tech lab and set your rally point to your enemy’s base (or just outside depending on how you like to play).  As soon as your tech lab is complete train a Reaper (this will be supply 11/11)

Now your Reaper is built, set an SCV to build a Supply Depot so you can continue to build more Reapers.  This will put Reapers into your enemy’s base attacking their workers.

If you have not been countered then keep sending Reapers into their base, and you have won the game.  If your Reapers are unable to make any impact build some bunkers on your ramp and start building Marines.  Hopefully you have done a fair amount of damage, or won the game, but if not keep some Reapers hidden as you might be able to try it again later in the game.

Try and practice this on a lesser opponent before crack it out on a ladder game

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