Improving your game

  • Review your game every after play by taking advantage of the replay button; if you lost the game, find out where you went wrong; if you won, find out how you can improve more;
  • Try to improve your game by learning different tactics and not relying on cheesing alone.  Cheesing means using easy tactics to execute with fewer skills required.
  • Monitor your APM (Action Per Minute) Count and see how you can improve it using simple tasks such as using hotkeys or modifying your build order, etc. The APM is basically a basis on how efficiently you are building your empire and managing the game; you are considered a good player if you have a high APM.
  • It is also beneficial to familiarize yourself with the Hotkeys to save time.
  • Starcraft 2 is a game with drastic and constant changes.  Do not be reluctant to change your strategies if need be;
  • Master the art of macro-management as this is also a big factor to having a successful game.

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