Tips and Tricks

Here are some general tips and tricks that you should know about to help you with your strategy:


  • Press down the left-click mouse button on the portrait of the unit for the camera to follow its actions.
  • If you want the camera to pan across the battlefield, simply press down the middle mouse button

Unit Selection

  • Simply drag the selection box around multiple units that needs modification rather than selecting individually to save time.
  • Press the shift key while left clicking on the units to remove or add them on your selected force.
  • Press the CTRL key and click on a unit to automatically select all units of the same type on your game screen.
  • Hold both SHIFT and CTRL and click on a unit to automatically remove all units of the same type on your selected force.
  • To show the inactive worker units, the “Idle Worker” button (F1) will appear in the lower left spot of the battlefield area.
  • To select all idle workers, just press CTRL and F1, or you can also hold CTRL while you click on the “idle worker” button.
  • To add idle worker to your selected force, you can press SHIFT and F1, or just hold SHIFT while you click on the “idle worker” button.
  • To combine selected units into a control group, just press CTRL and any numbers from 1-9; pressing SHIFT and the same number will add the new units to that control group.
  • To move around between control groups, just press TAB and Shift-TAB.

General Tips

  • Use the attack command and click on the ground to order an attack to anything within the range of your selected location; you can also press SHIFT while right-clicking the ground;
  • Hold SHIFT to set a patrol path while selecting the waypoints.
  • If the unit isn’t in a hold position or in the process of attacking, it can be manipulated by other units.
  • If you assign workers to Vespene geyser before the building is complete then this will result to workers to start collecting gas once the building is completed.
  • To show the HP bars of all units on the screen, just toggle ALT.

Battle Tips

  • When you hear the tactical nuke call, press the space bar to transport you to where the red dot is located.
  • Be creative and implement some tricks against your opponents, i.e., you can launch a small attack by air and when your opponent has utilized their resources on anti-air attack, launch a massive ground attack.
  • Rule of thumb in attacking is to always go after the workers, supplies and key production buildings.
  • Albeit enemy units target the workers by default, continuously hitting “S” will lower their priority if you already have selected the workers.
  • Attacking with a mixture of units than a number of the same units is more effective.
  • Send your worker to scout on your opponent’s base before every match to get a hunch on their overall game plan.
  • Do not store your entire army into one Hotkey.  It can easily be devastated by the opponent’s spells such as EMP, psionic storm, and fungal growth. You can put them back together in one hotkey when they attack from different directions.
  • Concavity is important when in combat.  When you are attacking at the wide end of the choke then you are at a great advantage.
  • Keep in mind that there is no such thing (yet) as high ground advantage in Starcraft 2, so your opponents can still enforce full damage attack from the low ground.
  • You can conceal your units under the smoke and bushes so your enemies cannot see them unless he goes inside it.
  • Turn the health bars on to monitor the health of your units instead of clicking each unit.
  • Always take time to macro back in your base even during the battle.

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