Scouting For The Win

Whether you are playing Protoss, Zerg. or Terran, scouting is such an important part of the game.  You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you can’t see what the other player(s) are doing you will never rank highly. You need to keep an eye on whether  you should be defending, rushing or expanding.  It will give you a clear insight into what your opponent is doing and where they are building.

We have posted some of the secrets to scouting for Protoss, Terran and Zerg.  Some are sneaky tactics, some are handy tips, but I am sure they will improve your game.


*Probe Scout

The best way to scout in the early game is using a Probe.  This will give you a free look into your enemies base, which will allow you to see what they are up to.  This will allow you to stay one step ahead of them, meaning you’ll be ready for their cheeky rush strategy.  If you are able to leave your probe inside their base, the information you receive from the initial probe  will  be the best knowledge of the entire game  and you will be able to compare your build orders, where to attack from,  and where you can rush them from.

* Phoenix Scout

Using the Phoenix to scout in mid to late game is an excellent way to see what units you need to counter.  They are extremely fast, and are able to shoot whilst moving.

* Observer

Observers ‘  main objective should be for scouting and detecting units.  They are one of the best scouts in the game, as they are difficult to detect when flying around stealthed.  You will be able to see a large amount of what your opponent is doing by placing these carefully around the map.

* Terran

SCV Scout

SCV are used in the same way as a  Probe  Scout is.  The idea with an early scout is to get them in early, and get valuable information.  Find out what your  enemy is up to is vitial for giving you the edge…….you will know when they are coming and how to counter their strategy.

* Scan

Use the scan to your advantage.  It’s a great way to find hidden units, and to have a look at a general location.  You will be able to have a look at one place on the map and gather information of where to attack.

* Vikings/Medivacs

Medivacs and Vikings are a great way to scout and mount an attack at the same time.  Vikings can do some damage, so get them in quick and focus on your enemies mineral line.  At the same time use your medivacs to scout the area.


* Drone Scout

Drone Scout should be used in the same way as a SCV’s and probes.  They are used as an early look into your enemies base.  Try not to be seen, and hide inside the base for as long as possible.

* Overlords

Overlords  are amazing for base scouts.  Initially they are very slow and they are needed  for supply, but they are a great way of being able to see the map.  Try and keep these out of attacking range, as it could hurt your supply if they are attacked early in the game.

* Zerglings

With Zerglings being so cheap they make great scouts.  They can also be upgraded which will make them much quicker.  They can be vulnerable by themselves, so I suggest you scout with two.


You can hide scouts in bushed, under trees, and near rocks.

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  1. damico
    19 Nov 2010, 2:25 pm

    a helpful tip. when scouting, if u want to leave ur zergling scouts, burrow them so they r less noticable only when u notice ur enemy building detecting units such as a missile turret shld u bring them home. this is a great way to keep an eye on ur enemy. but as suggested above bring more than 1 or 2 or they will b extremly vulnerable two is small and quick and six is too many four is best since its not too many but its enuf to do some damage and survive easily

    • damico
      19 Nov 2010, 2:32 pm

      also dont b afraid to send out more than a few scouting parties as this will reveal the map much quicker and keep u attuned to what ur opponent is doing. dont send out more than 7 parties and ur defenses will not b as strong and u cld b overwhelmed. however, a good reason for having more than two or three parties is so if u r attacked, u can bring in reinforcements to attack ur opponents army from the rear OR u can use them to attack ur opponents base and maybe win bfor u r defeated. <this strategy is not cross-referenced and u may not experience these results. better to do the reinforcement strategy

  2. AHC
    29 Nov 2010, 2:30 pm

    It’s a good idea to get at least one scout, usually a worker unit, in before they can build up their defenses. It’s much harder to sneak in when the enemy has detectors and bunkers.

    • damico
      18 Dec 2010, 12:16 am

      thts not the only reason itll bcome much harder. if ur facing terran, by the time they start building missile turrets, they will have started upgrading making them all that much better. protoss is naturally strong and the minute they build the first photon cannon they will be even more so. and zerg. they can detect cloaked units right from the beginning with their overlords. its hard to slip by with all this going on.

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