Protoss vs Zerg

Protoss vs Zerg StrategyEarly Game Protoss strategy

he most frustrating thing for any player is an early rush.  So the best early strategy for Protoss is to try and steel a quick win by taking out your opponents economy.  If you are able to take an early win you won’t have to play against Zerg swarms.

If you can take control early on and cripple your enemy by hitting their Drones, you definitely have the upper hand.  That being said you have to watch that Zerg and their quick building don’t mount an early attack of their own.  Protoss should be able to defend an early rush, but look after your workers, as they are the key to winning later in the game.

Make sure you are micro managing, to ensure you’re able to control the game.

Mid Game Protoss Tactics.

Zerg with their massive number are able to control the Map, so you need to make sure you stop this from happening.  If you can limit their movements around the Map it greatly helps you and stops Zerg from expanding.?Zerg will try and overrun you with a group of units that swarm you.  This is something that you need to learn to counter.

Counter Zerg Swarms

So how to counter Zerg swarms?  Zealots are great for taking out a Zerg swarm but if you are outnumbered, you have pretty much had it. However if you do find yourself outnumbered then it’s all about where you fight.  Make sure you look for choke points, funnels or tight areas, as this means your fighting line will not get overrun and attacked from both sides.

So if you think about it, having 15 Zealots in an open area will result in you being quickly overrun by 30 Zerglings. Instead if you fight in a bottle neck you will rip through them, and only lose a few units.

You also want to watch out for Zerg enemies that try to flank you and deceive you.  Because they have so many numbers they are able to place a small attack on one side of your base, and then spearhead the other side with a massive swarm.  Keep an eye on every attack and have faith that your defence will hold.  So long as you have set it up correctly you will be fine.

Late Game

By now you will have had a great deal of battles, but you have clearly been doing well.  You need to make sure you still have control of the Map.  Protoss are very strong in the late game due to their strength, but if Zerg control the Map you have had it.

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