Protoss vs Terran

Here are a few tips and a great guide for Playing Protoss vs Terran in Starcraft 2. Protoss vs Terran Strategy

General Tips

With both Terran and Protoss being very strong towards the middle and end of the game, you are more than likely in for a long game.  In saying that, there are games that will be over quickly, but when you have 2 good players you will certainly battle back and forth for some time.  This typically ends with one player dominating in the mid to late game.  In the early stages of the game do your best to hold the attacks off and stay alive.  Make sure you keep a good eye on your resources, so you are in a good position to keep building.  The last thing you want is your opponent to defend all the Minerals.

Protoss vs Terran in the Early Game:

In the early stages of the game Terran will more than likely Barrack up and use a Vulture harassment strategy.  So be prepared to do a lot of defending.
Some players will send out units into the field to attack the Vultures.  I usually find this a terrible idea.  Vultures are very quick and are able to outrun all of your current units.  The most successful way of defending yourself is by creating a lot of Zealouts and Dragoons.  Then put your Zealouts and Dragoons in defend mode and put them in a line.
Don’t allow your Zealots to run after the Vultures as this allows the Terran to come into your base.  Keep them locked around your base with Cannons and Dragoons to cover.  This strategy also helps you keep the Vultures out.

Protoss vs Terran Mid Game

This is the time in the game that you want to crank your game up a bit and get some creativity going.  So set about upgrading your Zealots as quickly as you can, I also highly recommend you upgrade your Dragoons with the long range upgrades.??  Get some Observers out to find any mines hidden in the ground, and then use Dragoons to shoot them out from a safe distance. ??  If you haven’t created any Observers, set your Zealots to quickly pass over the mines, and make sure they head away from your other Zealots.  This causes the Zealot to die away from your other units so it will not cause any more damage.
These tips are great ways to defend against Terran.

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