Mineral Harassment

As every good SC2 player is well aware, your minerals are the backbone for every strategy.  So if you are seeking an early Starcraft strategy, try mineral harassment.  For your opponent this will be a very frustrating, and will force them to change their build order.

Mineral harassment is a strategy that can be used by Protoss, Terran, and Zerg.  The strategy involves continually sending attackers into your enemies base attacking their workers.  For this to work you have to be focusing on your enemies workers, so even if your units are being attacked keep your focus on their workers.

For your build order you need to get attacking forces out as quickly as possible.   As soon as you can you want to get your Barracks, Gateway, or Spawning pool built and start sending attacking troops into your opponents base.

Tip.  You can build 1 Barracks, Spawn Pool, Gateway in your base, and one near your opponents base.

You want to keep going with this strategy as long as you haven’t been counter attacked and each of your attack units are taking out at least 2 workers before being killed.  As soon as you have been counter attacked, build some defense, and start upgrade your base.

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