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Secrets of the Master

  I have just finished reading a Starcraft 2 Master Panel.  It was with Dustin Browder, Greg Canessa, David Kim and Matt Cooper who gathered to host the Starcraft 2 “Secrets of the Masters”.   From what I read they were trying not to give too much away, but they have...
Posted 24 Feb 2011 | Protoss Strategy,Terran Strategy,tips and tricks,Zerg Strategy | 28 Comments

Terran Vs Protoss Tips

Are you getting demolished and annihilated by the Protoss? Here’s some helpful tips and units to avoid when you are in this match up. When playing as Terran DO NOT try to overrun or overpower Protoss:   You will not stand much of a chance as their advanced weapons and defenses...
Posted 10 Feb 2011 | Protoss Strategy,SC2 Strategies,tips and tricks | 2 Comments

Tweaking Terran Build Orders

In Starcraft 2, Terran Build orders are not set in stone.  You can adjust and tweak this build order to suit your style of play or the map you are playing on. For example on small maps you can get rushed early, so you would want to setup defence or...
Posted 02 Sep 2010 | Terran Strategy,tips and tricks | 0 Comments